History- Department of Glass & Silicate Technology

Glass Technology programme in Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) was founded in 1974 by the then vice chancellor Professor IshayaAudu. The vice chancellor visited The Sheffield University Glass show and his interest was stimulated by that. On his return he invited DrJazmik from the Sheffield University to establish the unit. Glass technology commenced initially as a course unit and by 1979 the degree programme began under the Department of Industrial Design. DrJazmik was the first Head of Glass Section and he produced the first set of glass graduates by 1983. The ABU BSc Glass Technology programme involves essentially the chemistry and physics of glasses, glass preparation processes, fuels, furnaces, refractories, instrumentation and process control, technical drawing, structure of glasses, properties and applications of glass, glass ceramics, glass design, studio glass making, scientific glass blowing and history of glass. A research thesis is also required for graduation. The programme basically prepares the graduate to be able to take challenges in the glass industry especially as furnace managers, quality control managers and mould designers. The programme has produced graduates working in all spheres of life for over 3 decades now, as they have also been found useful in related areas like the ceramics industries, research institutes and institutions of higher learning as well as post primary institutions. However it is interesting to note that ABU is still the only university offering glass technology, for over 30 years now it has struggled to produce manpower for the country especially in the glass and ceramics industries and when given the opportunity it has developed its curriculum in an attempt to keep up with new trends and currents need of the profession. In addition to the BSc programme, postgraduate programmes in MSc Glass Technology, PhD Glass Technology as well as Certificate and Diploma programmes in Glass Technology and Scientific Glass blowing are also being offered.Research interests of the Department include raw material exploration and development, furnaces and refractories, scientific glass technology, glass-ceramics, composites, glass recycling, product design and development etc. Glass technology which commenced as a small unit and with not more 16 students per set has now expanded to accommodate about 120 students per set. And the Glass Technology Section has also evolved into a fully fledged Department in 2017 called the Department of Glass and Silicate Technology.